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Dusk Alpaca Blanket

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Our Alpaca Blankets come from a small collective of  Artisans in Equador.  Their craftsmanship is superb.

These textiles add texture & character to your home decor.  So cozy and warm they are luxurious to wrap up in.

The small throw is a perfect couch blanket size.  Small enough to travel with but two can cuddle underneath.

.The Extra Large Throw can fit a queen bed but does not overwhelm a couch.  

These Artisan Alpaca Blankets are a textile tradition and we are so honoured to work with these makers.


Hand wash with mild soap, or machine wash on cold, delicate cycle.

  • Do not wring, scrunch, stretch, or twist.
  • Hang to dry or dry clean, do not dry in a dryer machine.
  • Groom with a light brush in direction of the fibre.
  • Can iron in the same direction on a low setting.
Dusk Alpaca Blanket
Dusk Alpaca Blanket
Dusk Alpaca Blanket
Dusk Alpaca Blanket