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Crystal Water Bottle ~ Clear Quartz


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Crystals are like little gifts from the earth; finite, one-of-a-kind, beautiful. When we see something beautiful, we are automatically struck with a sense of joy, a sense of peace - this state is called presence. And the more present we can be, the more gracefully we allow our bodies to heal, the more bliss we experience, and the deeper we can feel this form of gratitude, the more magic we welcome into our every day lives. Crystal elixers release healing energy into your waters so the positive energy can be directly absorbed and leave you glowing from the inside out.

Clear Quartz is used for energy, clarity, cleansing and positivity. Use this elixir to stay focused and to help you create productive energy. Clear quartz is known as the master healer. When in doubt, turn to your Clear Quartz Bottle for health and healing in any area of your life. Though this elixir is truly powerful, the real power comes from within you. Your Glacce Bottle is there to remind you of that power and to help you stay present in the moment.