The Makers, The Mystics, The Endless Wanderers

At Arrow and Axe we believe in creating your own path, discovering your brand and being purely authentic. We regard each person as a wonderful blend of their own magic. For this reason, we have designed our store to pull from a wide spectrum of influences that blends into a mixture for the makers, the mystics, the adventurous and the endless wanderers alike. 

We are a constantly evolving mix of a little bit of everything: a little old school hippy, a little bit of boho indie influence, some for the modern outdoorsman, and laid back surf vibes. It is a combination that works because of the uniqueness of our costumers and because we bring in products that connect to the creative mind. There is a little bit of everything between these four walls and we are honored to provide high quality products to wonderful people in the beautiful environment of the Kootenays.